About Me

I study Anthropology at Washington State University and will receive my Bachelor’s degree with a minor in Communications in March of 2016. My intrinsic love of learning shapes my actions, character and desires to contribute to the world. My curiosity of human behavior allows me to naturally form questions that I aspire to answer through comprehensive explorations. Each time I pose such questions, I refine and build upon my methodological approaches toward conducting efficient and thorough research. Throughout my academic career, I have built a strong love for education which motivates me to gain understanding of others. I crave to quench my curiosities about people and cultures through a career in Anthropology. As an anthropologist, I am allowed to gain, construct and share knowledge of people and cultures. I will always remain a student of the world, one who is open to its teachings.


My current research interests include:

  • Cross cultural perceptions of gender
  • Androgyny and attraction
  • Multisexual evaluations of attraction
  • Religious conflict mediations
  • Psychological impacts of priming exposures


My current organization affiliations:


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