Current Research Projects

February, 2016

1. How might religious differences be reconciled?

I draw upon data from case studies of religious conflict workshops, evaluate resolution camps and analyze the Finnish education system incorporating Islamic principles as examples of solutions to mediating negative religious engagements.


2. What attitudes are held by college students toward freedom, trust of others, and their constitutional right to use guns?

As a class, we will utilize stratified sampling, questionnaires, focus groups as well as personally interview key informants to collect data on Washington State University students that may reveal their thoughts on their right to obtain and use guns.


3. Should American teaching approaches be deconstructed and rebuilt differently?

I will evaluate and discuss the implications the current uni-lineal teaching systems has on varied types of learners. I aim to understand the possible implications that a more holistic education system, one that allows for specific kinesthetic, visual and hearing teaching approaches. I will draw upon empirical data that support or deflate the learning theories of Lev Vygotsky, Albert Bandura and B.F. Skinner.